Norwich Vineyard Safeguarding Resources

Listed below are the current Norwich Vineyard Safeguarding Policy, Statement and additional forms and guidance notes. Any queries to Keith Morris or Janet Wilkes in first instance.
Norwich Vineyard Safeguarding Policy January_2013
Norwich Vineyard Safeguarding Statement April 2014
Norwich Vineyard Safeguarding Policy May 2015
Norwich Vineyard Safeguarding Policy May 2015 (signed)
Norwich Vineyard Safeguarding Statement May 2015
Norwich Vineyard Safeguarding Statement May 2015 (signed)

Appendix 1 - What to Do When You Suspect Child Abuse

Appendix 2 - Responding to Abuse - Workers Action Sheet
Appendix 3 - Accident and Incident Form
Appendix 4 - Voluntary Disclosure Form
Appendix 5 - Application Form

Appendix 6 - Children & Youth Helpers Role Description
Appendix 7 - Children & Youth Leaders Role Description

Appendix 8 - Sample Questions for Interviews
Appendix 9 - Request for Reference and Reference Form
Appendix 10 - Contract for Children's / Young People's Worker
Appendix 11 - Guidelines for Discipline
Appendix 12 - Workers Form
Appendix 13 - General Information and Consent Form
Appendix 14 - Visiting Child General Information and Consent Form
Appendix 15 - Activities and Day Visits Form
Appendix 16 - CCPAS Advice - Transporting Children
Appendix 17 - CCPAS Advice - Swimming Trips and Consent Form
Appendix 18 - Camps and Residential Holidays Health Information and Consent Form
These forms will be periodically reviewed and updated. Only print off what is required for immediate use.