KevinFowler450Day of free poetry at Norwich Vineyard 

New Zealand born poet, pastor, storyteller Kelvin Fowler performed two gigs in Norwich Vineyard’s The Place venue in Thorpe St Andrew on February 5.

Kelvin Fowler was born in a southern New Zealand village and grew up loving running, nature and dirt-track speedway.

He describes himself as ‘a poet, pastor, storyteller and cyclist’ and has lived extensively amongst the world’s poor and says he has been blessed enough to count among his friends transvestites in Australia, drug addicts in Mexico, a husky in Canada, malnourished kids in the Philippines, alcoholics in Scotland and orphans in Lithuania.

For the last ten years, Kelvin and his wife have planting a Vineyard church in Lithuania’s port city of Klaipeda.

In-between times Kelvin likes to write, paint, take photos, ride his bicycle and listen to public radio and jazz.

Kelvin stopped off in Norwich on Friday February 5 during a short UK tour covering East Anglia, Scotland and Ireland.  There was a gig for young people at 3.30pm and an evening of poetry and storytelling from 7.45pm, both at The Place, 61 Spinney Road, Thorpe St Andrew, Norwich, NR7 0LP

Kelvin says that his gigs are accessible to those with no faith and this is an opportunity to invite friends and neighbours. “Often in my gigs the Holy Spirit sneaks up on listeners, especially unbelievers and touches them. It is beautiful to watch,” says Kelvin.

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