Dwight Moody was born in Northfield Massachusetts to a large family. His father, Edwin J. Moody (1800–1841), a small farmer and stonemason, died at the age of 41, when Dwight was only four years old. He had eight brothers and sisters. His mother sent Dwight off to work at a young age as she couldn't afford to keep them all. He received cornmeal, porridge, and milk three times a day. Even during that time she continued to send him and her family to church. Together with his eight siblings he was raised in the Unitarian church. His oldest brother ran away and was not heard from by the family until many years later.

When Moody turned 17, he moved to Boston to work (after many job rejections) in an uncle's shoe store. One of the uncle's requirements was that Moody attend the  Congregational church of Mount Vernon. In April 1855 Moody was converted to evangelical Christianity when his Sunday school teacher, Edward Kimball, talked to him about how much God loved him. His conversion sparked the start of his career as an evangelist. However his first application for church membership, in May 1855, was rejected. He was considered as one of the most spiritually dark persons wanting to become a church member. His first attempts of evangelising consisted of going through the story of the Prodigal Son, missing out most of the words because he couldn't read them! Yet in his lifetime he led thousands to the Lord and became one of the most famous of evangelists. 

Nehemiah was a slave and the cup bearer to the King. That meant if the wine was poisoned he got it first. Yet God called him to restore Jerusalem. Nehemiah, D.L. Moody and you. God can and will use anyone who is willing!

Geoff Lawton, 11/05/2016